Saturday, June 21, 2008

Best Men's Magazine

Photographed by CKJ

HUgE Magazine is arguably the best men's style magazine in the world (sorry AnOtherMan).
It's high concept and editorial selection has created a following beyond it's Japanese border despite it's mostly Japanese text.
Their July issue focuses on the current state of design where everything has been commercialized and designers have sold their soul for fame and money.

Design to reveal the creators soul.
We are no more,
we are Ready to listen to the soul."
Translated from HUgE website

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Less Oil More Blood

The Long Emergency
I was re reading articles on AnotherMan and I stumbled on an article by James Howard Kunstler titled The Long Emergency.

It was published in Autumn of 2005, and Kunstler basically predicted the global energy crisis and the economic meltdown.

The current world is so dependent on oil that the sharp rise in demand and the shortage of it has created this domino effect of economic meltdown, shortage of natural resources, violent upheaval, geopolitical turbulence, and climate change.

Kunstler basically says that it is too late to ever go back to the way we lived in the past few decades. We have already begun to cry for change, but that change is not going to make much difference to the outcome that is being played out today.

Our civilization will continue on for better or for worse.

Monday, June 16, 2008

From Anne's Hometown

Photographed by CKJ

Lobster Flavoured Potato Chips
If you are a lobster lover then you should definitely travel to PEI, Canada.
A place made famous because of
Anne of Green Gables, it also happens to be a land of lobsters. Hence this lovely bag of lobster flavoured potato chips. Unfortunately no lobsters were cooked to enhance these chips.